Ayurveda is science of life, promotes more on lifestyle focusing on balancing the body, mind, and spirit to be in healthy state .

Six Ways To Help You:

  1. Personalized Approach:  

  2. Balancing Doshas: 

  3. Promote  Prevention: 

  4. Natural Herbal & Mineral: 

  5. Mind -Body Harmony: 

  6. Rejuvenation Therapy To Promote Sukhayu: 

Surely! Ayurveda Is beneficial for children as well. In Ashtang Ayurveda Balroga Is One Of Them, promoting their overall health and well-being. 

Three The Best Ways Are:

  1. Sanskara Procedure To Be Followed: 

  2. Herbal Remedies: 

  3. Preventive Measures With Lifestyle

Ayurveda Promotes Sukhayu, Dhiragayu & Hitayu .All Are  considered for Sukhayu Care:

Six Steps Are Emphasized:

  1. Balanced Lifestyle:

  2. Nutrition Sattvic:  

  3. Mind With Simplicity : 

  4. Exercise ,Yoga and Meditation: 

  5. Dincharya & Ritucharya : 

  6. Rasayan : 

About Us

I Am Sushil Bacharam Mulchandani, Founder Of Sukhayucare.                          Senior Ayurveda Consultant At Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra.                                          Ayurveda Is Science Of Life ,More Than 5000 Years Of Legacy ,Holistic Ways To Increase The Immunity ,Remove Or Minimize The Root Cause Of Disorder.                          Teaches About Life Style, Diet, Daily Routine, Massage, Exercises, Types Of Foods, Mindfulness ,Meditation Serving Society, Enjoy Dhiragayu, Sukhayu and Hitayu. Healthy Life Is The Most Valuable For Purposes As Well As Achieve Moksha.               Ayurveda For Common Man And For Whole Universe ,At Affordable And Availability With Palatable With Ease To Carry Along .                 And For Healthy Persons, Advice To Follow Dincharya ,Rutucharya Etc.: To Achieve Longevity Cum Sukhayu.                                      Creating Disease Free Society. 

Healthy Moments To Live…Sukhayu 


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