Is Curd Healthy? The Best 13 Points Ayurveda Teaches About

Is It Healthy?                                                                                                              1.It Is Amla In Ras–Means Sour In taste                                                                             Ayurveda States In Depth About It.   It Is Sour In Taste And In Potency(Vipak)       Any Thing In sour Taste And Potency Are Kapha And Pitta Vardhak, It Means It Saam  Quality Of Kapha And Pitta. As Per Ayurveda Sthan Of Kapha Is UrSthan and upper Part Of Stomach And Joints, While Pitta Sthan Lower Part Of Stomach and Liver and Spleen. Where Kapha And Pitta are Not  In Benchmark i.e. Unbalanced ( Saam Or Vidhadh Condition ) Cause Upper Respiratory Infections Or Related To Blood Like Erysepalis Skin Disease,Purpura Like Blood Disorders.

2.It Is  Amla In Pak—-Means Undergoes Sour Taste Conversion After Digestion.
3.It Is Grahi—- Absorbent-causes Constipation,useful in vataj diarrhoea.

90% of People Are Eating Curd Wrong Way
4.It Is Guru–Difficult to Digest,causes Jwar(Fever)

5. it Is Ushna(Hot)—Hot In Nature,Its Excess Or Faulty Consumptions Cause Rakta Pitta,Eczyma,Skin
Disorder(kushtha),It Means It Disturbs Rakta Dhatu Pachak Agni And With Help Of Saam Kapha Dhatu It Gives Rise Skin Disorders LIke Eczema Many More Skin Disorders. Anaemia(Pandu) As Mentioned Above Rakta Dhatu Agni Mandhya Is There  It Causes Pallor Look ,Anaemia. Fainting,Is Further Consequence Anemia Or  Its Hot In Nature. 
6.It Is Vatajit—It Controls Vata Dosha By Sour In Taste  As Well As In Vipak also , Conquer Over Vata’s Chal Gunna,                                                              It Being In Ushan (Hot) It Reduces Sheet Gunna
Increases Meda(fatty Ailments,Being Arochak Property  )Shukra,Bal(Partially Related To Vata Only)
7.It Increases Kapha and Pitta In Body.
8.It Is Agni krut –Relatively,Not As Remedy For Agni .

9.It is ShophaKrut—-Means Cause for odema.
10.It Is Useful In Aruchi —As It Increases Desire To Eat.
11.It Is Useful In Vishamjwar—Chronic Or Recurrent Fever Caused By Chills Like Feelings(Vata).
12.It Is Used In Peenas—Niram Vataj Cattarah Watery Discharge From Nose, On First Few Hours.
13.It  Is Used In MutraKruchha–Dysuria.
In Nutshell It Is Not Healthy Food To Be Daily,It Is Not Satvik Food,If At All It  Is To be  Used With Great Precaution, Whatever Benefits Are Mentioned ,  They Had Limitation.
Follows Nature, Follow Ayurveda, Way To Be Healthy ,Enjoy Sukhayu

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  1. In Nutshell Curd Is Not Healthy Food For Daily Consumption.
    Ayurveda Explained In Details.

    1. yes ,as per ayurveda daily intake of curd is not advisable. there are plenty of restriction for intake of curd.

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